How to Defrost Frozen Whipping Cream

by Elizabeth Harding

Why do they not sell whipped cream in small amounts? We have all been there. We buy a decent sized carton of whipping cream, only use about a half and then have to toss the rest. It is super wasteful and not great for the environment.

We started freezing the rest of the contents as whipping cream can keep in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Can you use whipping cream that has been frozen?

Of course, you can!

The question is, how did we defrost frozen whipping cream? It is easy! We placed the 500ml carton in a bowl of warm water, at least 60°F and let it sit for an hour.

Or, you can place the carton in the refrigerator and let it defrost for about 6 hours before attempting to use it.

For best results, thaw the cream overnight in the refrigerator.

If it still isn't defrosted, try shaking or stirring before whipping to get an airier texture.

Adjust timing for both methods according to the size of the carton.

Using either method, remember to whisk or shake the carton again once it has thawed out. This way, you can keep the consistency of the item and help to mix in the creamy fat all over.

Whatever you do, do not use the microwave. It will ruin the product making it unusable. Microwaves destroy cream's fat globules, which can lead to spoilage. You'll also be ruining the texture and taste of the cream.

Will frozen whipping cream still whip once defrosted?

Yes, it should be fine. Frozen whipped cream will still whip once defrosted.

The water and air, which make the cream whip up, will still become light and fluffy when whipped. The cream will still form a stable foam like when in a can of fresh whipped cream.

Can I refreeze thawed whipping cream?

In general, you shouldn't refreeze it, but it's dependant on how long it was left out. Its high-fat content causes its texture to change after returning to room temperature.

If it wasn't left out for too long and didn't reach room temperature, then it might still be OK to refreeze.

If you refreeze, the next time you thaw it out, use it as an ingredient in a cake or other recipe. In combination with ingredients that can help stabilize the cream, such as sugar or eggs.

What if it ends up grainy after defrosting?

Try emulsifying it in a mixer or blender, but small granules may remain. Whipping cream is water and fat molecules suspended in air, giving it a fluffy texture. As the mixture cools it transforms from liquid to ice (solid) due to changes in temperature and concentration of salt crystals.

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