How To Defrost Mozzarella Cheese

by Elizabeth Harding

Mozzarella is best left wrapped in the refrigerator to defrost until ready. Defrosting in cold water could waterlog and ruin the meal that you'll be making such as lasagna.

Generally, you should remove the cheese from the refrigerator no more than one hour before cooking. Given it is best to use it right after being defrosted rather than if you defrosted it too long.

What if I need to defrost it quicker? Can I use the microwave?

Generally speaking, avoid using the microwave when defrosting it. 

If you are adding it to a salad or eating it cold, then you can thaw it out in cold water.

To do this, you'll need to prep your cheese so that it doesn't become too flexible and fragile. Unwrap the cheese and create a layer of parchment paper or wax paper between the layers of cheese. Place it on top of some plastic wrap that will keep its surface area dry and stop extra moisture from reaching it while defrosting. It will stop a hard-softening or waterlogging situation.

Also, you can place the cheese in a resealable plastic bag overnight. With this method, the plastic bag must remain sealed during the process and not punctured. It will stop any extra moisture from reaching the cheese and spoiling it.

I have used this method and have always been successful with my mozzarella. I would suggest using chilled, extra-firm mozzarella cheese.

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