How to Defrost Puff Pastry

by Elizabeth Harding

Defrosting puff pastry is pretty simple. All you need is time or if you should want it done quicker, then a microwave oven and about three minutes of your time.

Here we discuss the process of leaving it overnight (6 hours). Leaving it on the countertop (2 hours) or defrosting by microwaving (3 minutes).

Once defrosted, it should easily peel apart into individual sheets. Ready to be rolled out for use in recipes like pot pies or apple turnovers.

Our Preferred Method

We prefer to thaw it out by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight. We recommend cutting it into manageable sized portions that only need a few hours of thawing. 

The fridge will ensure the thawing process is slow and controlled. It makes sure the dough does not turn into a mushy mess.

How Long Will it Take?

Puff pastry defrosts faster if it is refrigerated and thawed before using it. It should be removed from the refrigerator and allowed to warm to room temperature for about an hour. 

As mentioned above, it will take the following times to defrost depending on the method used. The following is assuming a frozen puff pastry block of 200 grams.

  • Overnight in the refrigerator - 6 hours
  • On the countertop - 2 hours
  • In the microwave - 3 minutes

Thicker pastry blocks (or with more sheets) or denser ingredients may take more time to thaw out.

What is a Puff Pastry?

Puff pastry is one of the most versatile bread products in existence. It only uses four ingredients. However, it creates sweet or savoury pastries, pies, cakes, and entrees.

Originating in Europe, this pastry has become very popular worldwide. It is due to its simplicity and the wide variety of countries it could represent. Some puff pastries use buttermilk or cream instead of water. Most use a flour-water-butter mixture which is baked at high temperatures until the water evaporates.

What Methods to Avoid

When defrosting puff pastry, there are a few methods you want to avoid otherwise it might turn out soggy and gross.

We recommend you do not defrost puff pastry in the oven or use a warm bath.

Using an oven means you will be cooking it before it is ready. Even if you try to 'defrost' it using low temperatures, you will dry out the outer layers.

Using a warm bath is also not a good idea. It will only make the pastry's layers stick together so it will be impossible to cut. Some think even if it is wrapped in plastic packaging it will be fine, but this isn't true.

Can You Defrost Puff Pastry in the Microwave?

It's easier to make it into manageable sized portions before putting it into the freezer. It means there will be less time thawing when you come to baking them later on.

Follow these steps to get perfect results:

  1. Open and unroll your package of puff pastry. It should already be in a rectangular-shaped dough block. If the ends are not tucked inside the packaging, you will want to do this now. You don't want leaking butter or pastry filling from it getting into your microwave! If there is any excess wrapping, tape it up with some masking or clear tape.
  2. Wrap your puff pastry block in a clean, lint-free kitchen towel. It helps make sure that you don't leave any butter on the surface of the dough by accident. *A cotton dish towel works as well as these towels*
  3. Place the whole package into a microwave oven on high power for 4 minutes. Important: DO NOT stir or peek at the pastry in the microwave. Leaving it alone is vital to ensure even cooking.
  4. Take it out from the microwave and unwrap it to prevent further cooking. The puff pastry will be too hot to touch right away and can burn you, so make sure that you have some oven mitts at the ready!
  5. Unroll it and cut apart individual sheets using a plastic knife or pizza cutter.

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